Synchronized Skating Class

What is Synchronized Skating?

Hollydell offers a synchronized skating class for skaters interested in a team experience on the ice.  


Hollydell's next series will begin on Saturday, April 9th.  

Interested skaters should be at the basic 3 level or above.


Synchronized skating (or "synchro" for short) is a team sport in which a group of skaters (up to 20) perform a series of elements to create a program. Elements in synchro include circles, wheels, lines, intersections, and block formations to name a few.  


Synchronized skating is a great way for skaters of all ages to use their fundamental and more advanced skating skills to work as a team unit and experience the comradery of other skaters on the team. 


To learn more about synchronized skating visit  


To learn more about Hollydell's Synchronized Skating Series contact the synchronized skating coach Amy Griffith

Hollydell Spring Show 2015 "Putting on the Ritz"
Hollydell Spring Show 2015 "Putting on the Ritz"
Hollydell Synchro Class Spring 2015
Hollydell Christmas Show 2014
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