Our Guest Coaches at Hollydell receive students by referral

Name: Scott Gregory

E-Mail: s.gregory3@gmail.com


Scott has over 25 years experience as a national and international coach in freestyle, moves, and dance, specializing in video analysis using Dartfish software.  He is a 2 time Olympian, 1984 and 1988, and a 2 time national senior dance champion, 1987 and 1988.  He was a 7 time world team member and a 1983 Skate America and Skate Canada dance champion.


Scott is a member of the Professional Skating Association (P.S.A.) and United States Figure Skating Association (U.S.F.S.A.).  He has won many awards over his career including the "Award for Commitment to Excellence in the Sport of Figure Skating", presented by the University of Delaware High Performance Figure Skating Center, 2011.  He also carried the Olympic Torch in 1996.


His past clients include Tara Lipinski, Patrick Chen, and Kimmie Meissner.  He has authored the book, "Champion Mindset, Refusing to Give Up Your Dream", dealing with overcoming adversity, and also has a current skating seminar to help promote the sport, called "The Ice Revolution Figure Skating Seminar".



Scott can be reached at s.gregory3@gmail.com

Name: Jeff Merica


Originally from Baltimore, MD, Jeff  trained with Olympic and World coach Pam Gregory at the University of Delaware (U.D.).  In 1996, he captured the U.S. Junior Men’s Silver Medal and was an international team member for the U.S. in Senior Men in the same year.Jeff skated with the Ice Capades from 1993-1995 and subsequently in 1997.  He also trained and performed with ‘The Next Ice Age,’ led by Tim Murphy and Nathan Birtch, who have done choreography nationwide, including for Olympic Champion Dorthy Hamill. This professional skating movement emphasized edge and skating quality, precision skating  and group training.Jeff has coached National and International level competitors at U.D., and is now a member of The Ice Revolution

Name: John Thomas

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