Our Junior Coaches

Our junior coaches assist with group lessons and are learning how to coach from our experienced staff of coaches.  They must be at least 16 years old and must have completed a USFS test level of intermediate or higher in at least one discipline.

 Junior coaches benefit from working with experienced coaches by observing and learning teaching methods, lesson planning, and proper skill evaluation techniques.  They are encouraged to ask questions of the coaches and are given the opportunity to practice teaching skills.

Annamarie Brecht

Junior Coach

I am a Junior at Clearview Regional High School, but I spend much of my time at the rink, skating and working during the public skating sessions.  I have been skating for about 11 years and I am continuing to skate competitively this season.  My current coaches are Scott Gregory and Jeff Merica; they are helping me compete at the Novice Freestyle level.  I earned my Gold medal in Moves in the Field back in 2011.  After this season, I will likely stop competing and work toward achieving my Gold medal in Freestyle as well.  I love being a Junior coach and getting to take part in helping younger skaters achieve their own goals.  I am a PSA member and I hope to one day be able to coach on my own and bring someone else the happiness that I always felt when I was out on the ice.

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